Day 9

Hey Everyone! Good day today! Started with a positive pep talk from my coach Ray Zahab who always knows exactly what to say to keep me motivated.

The work Dr. Troy Sturtevant has been doing on the left foot to reduce friction and inflammation has been amazing so far. I decided to try his advice and run today without taping and ankle brace. It went great and felt hugely liberating. It’s also a confidence builder to know you are healing/getting better instead of going downhill. I’ve underestimated the importance of Sport Therapy for such an event. The body adapts but it needs daily help to resolve minor overuse issues or else they become major problems. Huge thanks to Dr. Troy Sturtevant and the Holistic Clinic for keeping me running! Troy has been my Sports Therapist for the last 3 years and also got my body through the 7 Marathons in 7 Days event in 2011.


Silly-v Reaney organized an incredible group of gifted and highly energizing runners today. Thanks so much Una Beaudry, Lindsay Walker, Michelle Walker, Ben-Zion Caspi and Tina Reilly! Congrats to Silly-v Reaney for running yet another half marathon, Michelle Walker who ran a half marathon today with her longest runs this year only going as far as 10km and Una Beaudry easily cruising through 42.2km today! Wow!

The route was the Osgoode Pathway, which was so colorful, serene and tranquil. Best of all … no hills, no wind, no noise and no busy intersections. Yesterday’s route crossed a total of 20 intersections which can be dangerous when you are super fatigued and not 100% aware.

With the left foot working better the pace was a little quicker on the first half and most enjoyable. I am wondering if today is a break through day where things are starting to improve. It is certainly easier not to be overwhelmed by the distance knowing that I am almost 2/3 done!

Thanks so much Mike Herzog and Sophie Rosa who captured the video and spirit of the day! Mike’s efforts since the start have been so incredible to allow everyone a peek into the journey!

Tomorrow’s run starts at the Parc Mousette parking lot in Gatineau and continues along Voyageurs Pathway with similar weather as today!

Thanks so much once again for all the amazing and continuous support! It is so incredibly helpful during the tough kilometers!!


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