Day 8

Hi Everyone!! Woke up this morning feeling a little better than usual thanks to the amazing work Dr. Troy Sturtevant of the Holistic Clinic did on my lower body after yesterday’s run. He continued work on the tendons in the left foot as well as lumbar region, glutes, calves IT band, you name it smile emoticon Mostly he is trying to keep things at bay as normal protocol for healing would be much more aggressive treatment followed by days of rest, which is not possible for now. He is amazing! Thanks Troy!


This event is so totally mental so anywhere you can gain some extra positive energy or confidence is a huge help. Troy’s session yesterday boosted my confidence for this morning. The run started well, no rain and I love the cool temperature, but strong headwinds for almost half of the route made the day a huge struggle once again. The winds were only 15-16km/hr but this feels like hurricane force winds for my tired body.

Once finished I had yet another great session with Troy. He likes the way the left foot looks from all his treatments and would like me to try running without the tape. Unfortunately I am not confident yet going that route because I know I can finish the day with the tape. His concern is the taping is forcing the irritated tendons to rub against a ligament with friction causing additional irritation. I could start the day without the tape and apply it later on the route if I decide it is absolutely needed. However, it is a difficult taping job that may take up to 20min and add to the marathon time – I never stop the watch for anything, anywhere between the start and finish of the run.

Mike Herzog and Steven Thomas (co-founders of Good Guys Tri) were there at the start with some words of encouragement and as always for Mike to capture some great video for the day. In a conversation with Mike tonight I admitted I have a hard time watching the videos as they bring me back to the struggle of the day. Something I try to put behind me before the next day starts.

Silly-v Reaney ran another 25km with me today! Amazing! She is using the event to challenge herself and see how much running she can do over the two weeks. She is also trying to fit in all the other activities in her life, whereas I am just running and recovering.

Thanks to Mike White who came out again today for about 12km and tried to help block some of the wind for me! Thanks Mike! Also thanks to Andy Roberts who joined us for about 5km to offer support!
Tomorrow’s run will be along the Osgoode Path, which will be peaceful and a little slower, but easier on the body. Looking forward to the change of scenery.

Thanks again and again for all your amazing support! Mentally it is huge to be past the halfway point as I can almost see the light at the end of this long tunnel!! Hopefully it’s not a train coming the other way.


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