Day 7

This is a very tragic and sad day for Ottawa with the fatal shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo downtown. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to post today in light of what is going in our city. However a number of friends suggested I post anyway feeling that a slight distraction may help during this tough day.

Out of respect however, I will keep it short and only focus on the incredible support I received today from some amazing people.


The morning started with a chat with my coach Ray Zahab who always knows how to inspire, motivate and make you feel like a champion. This chat helped immensely today!

Steven Thomas co-founder of Good Guys Tri followed Pat Chartrand and I for the first half helping transport my sports drinks and filming whenever he could. Steven is one of the mentally strongest people I know and I learned a lot observing him on two of his 100km ultras within the last two years. Pat Chartrand is the Haliburton 100Miler champion this year coming in first overall. Huge motivation running with these two. Pat covered the full 42.2km with no training since his last 100km ultra two weeks ago since then he also got married!! Incredible!!

Mike White joined us again today for 13km+ always supportive and full of positive energy. Thanks Mike! Andy Roberts ran a few kilometers with us for additional support. Thanks Andy!
Mike Herzog and Silly-v Reaney were out their today filming at different spots. Thanks so much to you both for all the great support throughout the event and the videos!!

On to Day 8 – Same route and weather! Thanks to you all!


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