Day 6

Hi Everyone! Tough day today spent fighting strong winds and rain with a tired body. The first step of the run was into a strong headwind, which was experienced on almost half the distance. My strength was pretty low today so I knew I couldn’t fight the winds and just have to give in and try to relax. Pace dropped as expected but I just telling myself try to use it as a recovery day. The left foot felt good again today after Dr. Troy Sturtevant work yesterday. But it’s still not good enough yet to run without the taping and brace. Things are pretty tight throughout the body and you can see it in my form in Mike Herzog’s great videos. Looks like I am leaning to the left, which is unbalanced asymmetrical and leading to other issues including right hip and left knee discomfort. These are all over use issues that could be expected when not allowing the body enough time to recover between long distances.


I really wish I could tell you the runs are easy but in reality every day is a huge challenge. Should have spent more hours training with the Thigh Master smile emoticon Interesting the fastest leg was the last 10km. Maybe because the wind was at my back and the thought that I would be done soon. The last 10km is usually the hardest but I started slow today and did not push it so maybe hard more energy at the end.

I had some more sessions at the Holistic clinic immediately following the run and will continue with those as they definitely help!

Silly-v Reaney ran another 25km with me today! Incredible! Also thanks again to Mike White and Scott Walker who joined me for 10km during part of their longer runs today!! Thanks again Mike Herzog for documenting the run today with his great videos. Incredible!!

Once again huge thanks to all the positive and extremely motivating posts!!

Please note Routes are Changing so check Calendar page of website for updates!

On to Day 7 with good temps, but more rain and same high winds as today … Yech


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