Day 5

Hey Everyone!! Day 5 update. Yesterday I was quite nervous as I wasn’t sure how I was going to run on the foot. It wasn’t pretty but completing yesterday’s run was a confidence boost for today. Psychologically the foot actually felt better today not because it was getting better but because I was getting used to its discomfort and it was no longer a big concern as it was yesterday.


The temperature was nice and cool and dry with no real wind, so perfect conditions. I normally chug 500ml of Sports Drink every 5km and take two Electrolyte Tablets and one Gel per hour. Because of the cooler temperatures I was extremely well hydrated throughout the run compared to the previous one and was even able to skip drinking altogether on the last 10km. Use water drops again today to avoid carrying 2kg of fluids.

When the run is extremely hard and my thoughts go really negative I try to occupy the mind to avoid bad thoughts. I usually count or recite the alphabet in sync with footsteps to occupy the mind. Yesterday I had to start this practice right after 10km, today I didn’t use it at all so that gives you an indication of how much better it was. I also switched up the music to High Energy Rock listening to albums from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Bon Jovi and AC/DC to help keep me positive. This seemed to work well for today.

At the end of the run I had a Sports Therapy session with Dr. Troy Sturtevant of the Holistic Clinic to treat the foot. He diagnosed the problem as the tendons that run under the ankle bone in the inside of the left foot were tight with some scarring and as a consequence were creating friction and inflammation as they slide over a ligament located near the ankle bone. He worked for half an hour trying to loosen the tendons and hopefully help alleviate some of the problem. He actually located a few ground zero adhesions in the tendons that decrease their mobility that he tried to break up using a variety of techniques. It feels much better and we’ll test it out tomorrow but I know I could use additional sessions. Dr. Troy is amazing and has helped me resolve a number of issues over the past three years. Thanks Troy and the Holistic Clinic!!

I’ve received a number of messages from people who said they liked reading about some of the tips and technical issues behind the running so I will try to post more of this sort of thing.

Mike White showed up and ran the first half with me and Silly-v Reaney ran a half with me as well. Both Mike and Silly-v are great runners and kept me moving and out of trouble the whole time. Thanks so much to you both!! Was great to see Steven Thomas on the run who stopped in to say hello. Once again Mike Herzog popped up out of nowhere in various spots to shoot different parts of the run and give you all the amazing videos he produces. Thanks Mike!!

Special thanks to all the incredible comments on yesterday’s update!! I try to get to bed by 8:00PM so I only saw them just before the run and they gave me quite the emotional boost. I am in debt to all of you!!

On to Day 6 with good temps, but more rain and high winds … Yech



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