Day 4

Hi Everyone! A tough day made successful with some incredible support starting last night all the way through today! Thanks once again for all your awesome posts and likes! Knowing you are all following is a huge motivating factor, especially in the second half of these runs, which is always a struggle.

Turns out the tendons on the inside of the left foot are strained. Every time the left foot supports body weight and pronates where the ankle moves inward slightly, it adds pressure to the tendons and causes pain. Sometimes compensating for one issue causes you to run differently and causes a rebound issue somewhere else. This must be the case as I’ve never strained these tendons before.


Ray Zahab offered some great guidance last night on articular pumping to reduce inflammation using a sequence of ice bath followed by warm Epsom salt bath repeated a number of times. He also suggested using a different pair of shoes with a little more cushioning and different support angle, just to change things up. Both these suggestions worked great. When I woke this morning there were Facebook messages from Ryan Grant of Solefit asking if there is anything he could help with. As soon as I saw his messages it reminded me of how he taught me to tape my right foot for extra support along the longitudinal arch for a race I did last January in the Yukon. My right foot super pronates in soft snow so his taping worked perfectly for the race. So I taped my left foot the same way and also added an Asos Ankle brace to remove side way movement of the ankle. Ryan also had some other great suggestions I will try to incorporate as well. Thanks Ray and Ryan!!

In training I would never run with an issue like this, I would have it treated and allow it to recover before resuming. However, this is the event and I don’t want to stop!

Wasn’t sure how the run was going to go today because of the foot but the taping and bracing added some confidence. I carry my own Sports Drink in a hydration pack for each 21.1km loop which is 2 liters, 2Kg almost 4.5 lbs. Changed the route today to run 4 x approx 10k loops so I only had to carry .5 liters and drank .5 liters every time I returned to the car. This added extra time to the marathon getting stuff from the car but was really worth it. Was heavenly not caring all that weight and was easier on the foot.

High Westerly winds along the Ottawa River were a bit of a challenge along half of the route but other than that, the weather was perfect. The packed trail was a bit slower as it absorbs more of your energy but was also a softer, nicer break from the asphalt, especially for the left foot.

Was able to get it done with some incredible support throughout the day. Gesine Freund ran the whole 42.2 km with me (incredible), Neale Chisnall ran 30km, Andy Coughlin ran 21km, Steve Mahood ran 10km and Silly-v Reaney ran 21km as well. Some of these runners have been out multiple times over the last four days and they are not done! Una Beaudry came to provide her support as did Mike Herzog popping out of nowhere capturing some nice camera angles for the awesome videos he produces. Thanks everyone!!

Lastly thanks to Sophie Rosa the lead implementer, planner and communications expert for the 14marathons event who came out to the start today after Sushi night with Silly-v Reaney!

The days are getting slower and 42.2 km seems to be getting longer and longer, not happy with that but just have to accept it and push on.

Thanks to all of you once again for your incredible support!



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