Day 13

Hi Everyone!! I cannot believe we are here! Last one tomorrow where the journey ends at St. Anthony Catholic School at 12:30PM!

The body felt pretty good today except for tightness in the right calf from about 23km on that actually showed up for the first time in the last 3 to 4 kilometers of Monday’s run. Not much I could do but run though it. Wasn’t much spring in my step today and could not get the pace to where it was over the last couple of days. So a little more struggle but it didn’t bother me since I knew it was the second last day.


Lots of great runners offering their support today! Khiem Truong ran the first 32km with me which is the longest he’s ever run! Silly-v Reaney ran another 24km, which probably puts her at the 200km mark for the last 13 days. Sarah Muldoon came out for a half marathon and offer her positive energy and support to the team. Mike White who has already ran over 100km since the start of the event came out again for 23 to 24km to pace me home. Trent Murdoch even ran a couple of kms with us a day after his marathon run! Incredible thanks so much to you all!!

Mike Herzog shot some great video during the first part of the day and raised the bar on the professionalism of the video he produced for the day!! Thank you so much Mike for everything you’ve done to document and promote the event!

Had a therapy session right after the run with Dr. Ryan Jankovich and then an hour of massage therapy with Jon Keyes of the Holistic clinic to try to loosen up the lower body, especially the calves for tomorrow’s run!

Had an interesting question today from the CBC that I wish to share “Do you think this event is healthy?”. The physical health benefits I gained from this event occurred during training for the event where I trained safely and didn’t develop any issues. The long training runs as well as mediation helped develop mental strength as well. The only danger of all the running was incurring a running injury bad enough to keep me from continuing. All the runs were performed at an aerobic pace so there was no risk of heart issues. At no time did I feel what I was doing was bad for me. What I did develop during the event was much more mental strength. The real danger of the event unfortunately was the intersections. We were quite aware and respectful of all intersections but there was one on yesterday’s run at the Osgoode Pathway and Gough road where I came close to being hit by a speeding vehicle. Thanks to Mike White for saving me from that potential mishap.

Feeling a like a VIP for tomorrow! Silly-v Reaney has organized a police escort at the finish line where I will be running with the 50 grade 4,5 and 6 children that took part in the Fun2Run program we developed and piloted there for the last five weeks! Huge thanks to Sophie Rosa and Principal Paul McGuire for organizing the finish line and Silly-v Reaney for the police escort!!

If anyone wants to join in the run details are available on the Calendar page for tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for helping me through this long amazing journey!! After the event is over and I have more time I will try to thank you all individually! I am certainly in your debt!!



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