Day 12

Hey Everyone! The body felt really great today! The work Dr. Troy Sturtevant did on my actually improved once again my left foot as well as the inflamed/irritated right Achilles tendon. Some of the other minor recurring aches and pains didn’t transpire today. The pace was good with a strong push at the end – maybe too much of a push as I felt something tighten up in the right calf muscles. Had Troy work on that after the run as well as loosen up both calves and hamstrings to get ready for tomorrow.


A number of runners that have completely long multi-day events have mentioned they felt their body growing stronger by day 10. I believe I felt stronger today because of the work Troy has done to help the body adapt and because I know the end is near. Thank goodness smile emoticon

Every time I do a multi-day event I develop a renewed respect for what Ray Zahab accomplishes in his expeditions where he runs across deserts!! My events leave me completely cooked and yet are only a tiny fraction of what he pushes through in terms of distance, difficulty of terrain, inclement weather, difficulty of living conditions, etc. Amazing Ray!

The Osgoode Pathway was heavenly to run on today. Normally the easiest/fastest surface I like to run on is asphalt and pavement. I have a low impact running technique so never have issues with hard surfaces. However after 12 Days into this event I can really feel the difference between the dirt path, asphalt and concrete and at this point the dirt path is a lot easier on the body.

Started the run today with Silly-v Reaney, Angela Koskie and Trent Murdoch! Sylvie ran her eight half marathon during this event! Incredible! Angela, Trent and I pushed the pace hard for the first 24km which was amazing for Angela as she just completed the Chicago marathon a couple of weeks ago and is still recovering. I did not know this until the end of the run but Trent has never ran a marathon before (only half marathons) and here he was running the full marathon with me today!! Just like Darryl Stal, Anne Corno and Silly-v Reaney he was able to use this event as an opportunity to push well beyond his boundaries and become a more confident, strong and capable runner and person as well. Something I am trying to achieve by the end!

Mike White jumped in around the 28km mark and ran approx. another 10km to bring his total for this event around 100km! Incredible Mike! Andy Coughlin jumped in around the 35km mark and ran the last 7km offering his incredible support once again!

It’s so nice have such amazing people show up at random points and help me start and finish the day!

Health wise I’ve lost approximately 10 pounds so far. I’ve also woke up some nights completely soaked in sweat which has never happened before? I’ve also had some weird cravings. Last week I had hot dogs after a run. I haven’t had hot dogs in years? Luckily I have been able to sleep and have not developed a cold or flu, which is always a risk when you compromise your immune system after extreme physical activity.

Looks like light rain and strong winds from the East tomorrow! The winds really slow the pace and wear me down. Normally I am not a fair weather runner. I learned to deal with difficult weather preparing for a marathon at the North Pole where the cold winds were 45km/hr. But at this point, I seem feel resistance from any bit of any wind over 10km/hr.

The support I’ve received during this event has been more than I could have possibly asked for! Thank you all for being so incredibly amazing!!



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