Day 11

Hi Everyone! The day started with some amazing friends and members of the Good Guys Tri family coming out to run and offer their encouragement, motivation and support!!

They included Tyler Murray, Alex Weatherston, Silly-v Reaney, Rachael Elizabeth Bell, Una Beaudry, Steve Mahood, Andy Coughlin, Neale Chisnall, Richard Gosselin, Mike White and Denis Dore. Incredible runners and huge hearts! Rachael even drove all the way from Smiths Falls to offer her support! It is impossible to fail with such an amazing group.


Thanks to Mike Herzog, over and over again for coming out with his cute girls Mimi and Gabrielle to capture video and produce the video shared for the day!!

The first half of the was slow for me, wasn’t sure why the pace just couldn’t pick up despite all the amazing runner’s around me. The body was feeling pretty good especially the legs and feet where the only pain I felt was in the left foot but was completely manageable. We had some strong winds but only working against us for 5-6km of the 21.1km. We (I controlled pace) completed the first 22.2km in approx. 2hours and 30min. Slow day. The second half was a different story however. Started feeling a little more energized especially for the first while where the wind was on our backs and we (Mike White, Denis Dore and I) ran the last 20km in 2 hours.

Big thanks to Dr. Troy Sturtevant who opened the otherwise closed Holistic clinic to treat me on both Saturday and today. He spent about an hour each day stripping out lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, tendons in the left foot and Achilles in the right foot. Pretty much the whole lower body. I must be some kind of science experiment for him as I don’t think many of his patients have this many issues at once:) Also super kind of Troy is that he has donated all his treatments back to the event! Amazing! He is truly keeping my body going at this point keeping issues at bay so they don’t keep me from finishing! BTW the right Achilles is not inflamed from the running but from all the rubbing with the back of the shoe early in the event. Small things become big things over big distances.

It’s now 11 marathons done for approximately 50 hours of running or 500,000 footsteps. I am really excited there are only three left! The running is tough but the groundhog day routine, day after day is incredibly grueling. For example tonight I started to prepare my Sports Drinks for tomorrow and almost threw up. Not difficult to imagine after having consumed more than 45 liters of the same drink in the past 11 days smile emoticon I will really be excited and so happy to be done! 3 more days!! No more Sports Drink smile emoticon

Thanks once again for all the amazing support and encouragement and helping me get through this challenge!! My sincerest thanks to all of you!!

Looking forward to my next event … 14 Sofas in 14 Days smile emoticon you are all invited smile emoticon



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