Day 10

Hi Everyone! Today was a great day! Confidence is so important and mine has ebbed and flowed. However it is consistently improved with Ray Zahab’s inspiring talks where he provides his expertise to position things in a way that keeps my mind positive and focused on moving forward. Confidence has also been increased with the incredible treatments by Dr. Troy Sturtevant to keep overuse issues at bay. The first being the tendons in the left foot which he has almost cured even though I am running every day. I no longer tape or brace the left foot now. Lastly thank you to you all for the constant posts of inspiration and encouragement and to the amazing talent of Mike Herzog to capture the spirit of the runs and help bring you all into the journey!


I got to the start feeling pretty good. There are aches and pains in about 7 different areas in the lower body but I’ve run with them for so many days that I know they will not stop me and are now just a part of me. I don’t obsess over them and they come and go. Troy deals with them for me at the end of the day.

A good friend Darryl Stal showed up today to run. I knew he was coming and thought he would run the first half since a half marathon is the longest he’s ever run. Darryl had a different idea however smile emoticon Inspired by the event he came to stretch out the boundaries of his ability by attempting to run the whole distance with me. Wow! He did incredible through the whole run and completely inspired me. He achieved today what I hope to achieve by Wednesday, running twice as far as I ever had.

Other good friends Andrea Moritz and Marc Pelosse joined us for the first 10km. These two are very competitive ultra distance runners. Andrea even ran a 424km Love4Gambia event in Africa! It was easy to feel energized with these two runners at your side!

Part of the Good Guys Tri family met us at the halfway point to provide support and encouragement and video recording after completing a cleanup of a park they adopted in New Edinburgh. That was incredibly uplifting! Deepest thanks to Mike Herzog, Mimi, Gabrielle, Steve Mahood, Una Beaudry, Lois Gosselin, Richard Gosselin and Matthew Freund! You guys were amazing!

Anne Corno met Darryl and I at the finish line with her two lovely boys! Thanks Anne!

Weather was perfect today with no rain or wind the whole time. Only 4 more days to go!! That is also a big confidence boost! I can do this!

Tomorrow’s run starts at the Aviation Museum parking lot!

Thanks so much everyone for all the incredible support and encouragement!!


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