Day 4

Hi Everyone! A tough day made successful with some incredible support starting last night all the way through today! Thanks once again for all your awesome posts and likes! Knowing you are all following is a huge motivating factor, especially in the second half of these runs, which is always a struggle. Turns out theContinue Reading

Day 3

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all you amazing posts and likes! Today’s run went very similar to yesterday’s. Started out with some left knee and foot pain that seemed to subside after about 10km. I think the left knee pain was the after effect of the self work I did on it last night.Continue Reading

Day 2

Hi Everyone! Thanks again for all your support! Today’s run went much better, the route was more tranquil, the weather was perfect even with the high winds and I was able to focus inward and concentrate on relaxing. Was apprehensive at the start as I was still feeling some residual issues from yesterday’s run includingContinue Reading

Day 1

Despite a spectacular starting line and awesome company on the run, today was more of a struggle than anticipated. My strategy for surviving day after day is trying to be as physically efficient and mentally positive as possible. This requires getting into a meditative zone where I can focus inward on different parts of myContinue Reading


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