Day 14

Hi Everyone! The journey ended today with an incredible finish line organized by Sophie Rosa, Silly-v Reaney and St. Anthony school. I can’t tell you what a magical feeling it was to run down Booth street closed to traffic by four Ottawa Police Service motorcycle patrolmen with Grade 4, 5 and 6 children from St. Anthony school and running into the schoolyard to great the rest of the school and so many good friends and runners who have supported me throughout the event. Thank you to everyone who helped make that one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced! Thank you so much to you all for supporting, encouraging and following the journey to help ensure I got to the end! I am forever in all your debt!!


The morning started early in the Parking Lot of St. Anthony meeting Sophie Rosa who has volunteered her expertise for the last seven months to ensure the professionalism and success of the event. We did a quick radio interview with the CBC before Steve Fischer showed up for a CBC TV interview. Steve filmed from the start to the end and put together the awesome pieces on CBC news in the morning and evening. Mike Herzog was there as always throughout this event to document the day with his amazing video skills. Mike’s incredible efforts have allowed everyone to share the runs from the start to the finish!! Amazing. Silly-v Reaney was also at the start ready to run some more kms today and ensure her Ottawa Police Services colleagues were organized for the finish line. I’ve run almost 600kms by the end of the event and Silly-v Reaney ran over 200 of them. Wow!!

I started running at 7:45am with Gesine Freund who in the last two weeks ran one of the marathons with me, a 50km Mad Trapper hilly trail ultra marathon and was back again today to run another marathon! She is a hugely talented runner who paced me throughout the day! The first half marathon was challenging as the winds were strong along the Ottawa River Pathway but we kept a good pace throughout. For the second half we picked up Dr. Kristi Adamo and Joel Barnes two HALO researchers! We slowed the pace a bit to ensure we would be able to cross the finish line around 12:30pm. During the second half the winds didn’t feel as bad. In the morning the struggle against the winds were felt in the left knee when the IT band attaches. A mild painkiller at 22km seemed to clear that up for the rest of the day. Along the Ottawa River Pathway John Zahab made cameo running appearance pushing a stroller with his daughter Georgia. John developed the strength and mobility program I used as part of the training for the event. Ryan Grant who is training to run across the Patagonian Desert with Ray Zahab (Wow just Wow) also showed up to offer his words of encouragement. Very cool to run for a bit with these incredibly gifted individuals!

Noel Pain from Canadian Running magazine joined us 8 or 9km from the finish. Noel is a super graceful and fast runner. His PB for the marathon is around 2hrs 25min (Mind Blowing). Silly-v Reaney joined us for the last 5km followed by Dr. Casey Gray and some more HALO researchers.

We finished on Booth street to a road-wide line of screaming/cheering kids. That was really something!

From a running perspective this event was designed to push me way beyond myself, and it did. The first week was really difficult as overuse issues developed and I wasn’t sure what impact they would have had on my ability to run. The Holistic clinic was my savior at that point. The ground hog day schedule was mentally tough to maintain. I am happy to be out of it and get back to my regular routine. I could not predict the incredible support I received along the way from you all and all the great runners (many from the Good Guys Tri family) who came out to see me through the days! Many of these runners were incredibly inspiring to me and that was huge!!

I have one more day of running smile emoticon Tomorrow Silly-v Reaney, Sophie Rosa and I will be leading the St. Anthony grade 4,5 and 6 children of the Fun2Run program through their adventure ghost run in the downtown core!

This is my post for the day but I will be spending the next couple of days trying to thank you all that encouraged and supported me through these tough two weeks.

My life has been pretty unbalanced training the last 7 months for this event. I am really looking forward to regaining balance and routine for a while.

My deepest gratitude to you all for being part of this!!



Day 13

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Day 12

Hey Everyone! The body felt really great today! The work Dr. Troy Sturtevant did on my actually improved once again my left foot as well as the inflamed/irritated right Achilles tendon. Some of the other minor recurring aches and pains didn’t transpire today. The pace was good with a strong push at the end –Continue Reading

Day 11

Hi Everyone! The day started with some amazing friends and members of the Good Guys Tri family coming out to run and offer their encouragement, motivation and support!! They included Tyler Murray, Alex Weatherston, Silly-v Reaney, Rachael Elizabeth Bell, Una Beaudry, Steve Mahood, Andy Coughlin, Neale Chisnall, Richard Gosselin, Mike White and Denis Dore. IncredibleContinue Reading

Day 10

Hi Everyone! Today was a great day! Confidence is so important and mine has ebbed and flowed. However it is consistently improved with Ray Zahab’s inspiring talks where he provides his expertise to position things in a way that keeps my mind positive and focused on moving forward. Confidence has also been increased with theContinue Reading

Day 9

Hey Everyone! Good day today! Started with a positive pep talk from my coach Ray Zahab who always knows exactly what to say to keep me motivated. The work Dr. Troy Sturtevant has been doing on the left foot to reduce friction and inflammation has been amazing so far. I decided to try his adviceContinue Reading

Day 8

Hi Everyone!! Woke up this morning feeling a little better than usual thanks to the amazing work Dr. Troy Sturtevant of the Holistic Clinic did on my lower body after yesterday’s run. He continued work on the tendons in the left foot as well as lumbar region, glutes, calves IT band, you name it smileContinue Reading

Day 7

This is a very tragic and sad day for Ottawa with the fatal shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo downtown. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to post today in light of what is going in our city. However a number of friends suggested I post anyway feeling that a slight distraction may help during thisContinue Reading

Day 6

Hi Everyone! Tough day today spent fighting strong winds and rain with a tired body. The first step of the run was into a strong headwind, which was experienced on almost half the distance. My strength was pretty low today so I knew I couldn’t fight the winds and just have to give in andContinue Reading

Day 5

Hey Everyone!! Day 5 update. Yesterday I was quite nervous as I wasn’t sure how I was going to run on the foot. It wasn’t pretty but completing yesterday’s run was a confidence boost for today. Psychologically the foot actually felt better today not because it was getting better but because I was getting usedContinue Reading


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